Gift Lab: DIY Designer Shoes

Here is a nice low cost DIY project that will turn your plain white sneakers into something unique and all your own.

When I was in high school, I went through several pairs of white canvas Ked’s® sneakers.  We call them sneakers in New York while other parts of the country call them “tennis shoes”…even if you don’t use them to play tennis.  I drew different designs and patterns on them.  My favorites were geometric designs as they really caught my eyes and kept me entertained.  Many kids thought I was among the odd balls of the school population.  I didn’t care a bit because for me, my one-of-a-kind designs were too cool for me to care what other people thought.

Source: The Goods: by Uncommon Goods


Product Name:  Sneaker Customization Kit

Background research: As summer rapidly approaches, I’m beginning to notice that I need some new sneakers.  But I’m starting to realize: either the shoes I like are too expensive or the ones that are affordable, I’m not so crazy about the way they look.  Then it dawned on me, what if I were able to create a sneaker that perfectly matched my style & clothes that were already in my closet as opposed of buying a shoe, then having to go buy more things to go with it.

Hypothesis:  With the sneaker customization kit, I can create my own personal design to whatever sneaker I choose.

The Experiment: I took a pair of sneakers that I barely wore, removed the laces, grabbed a couple of “sneaker preparation wipes,” cleaned off the sneakers, & let my imagination do the rest.


Being that I am an artist, I analyzed the whole ordeal way too much, beforehand.  Meaning, I thought it would be far more difficult than it turned out to be.  It was one of the simplest yet fastest things I could have imagined.  I was very impressed with the shine & gloss quality of the paint (included in the kit).  I was also extremely pleased when at the last moment I decided to change one the colors & saw how easily the wipes erased my previous decision.


Results: I ended up having a brand new pair of sneakers that took me less than an hour, that I custom made to coincide with whatever I decide to wear in my closet & I didn’t even have to leave the house!


Conclusion: I am very impressed with this item, now my only problem is I don’t know which shoes in my closet I’m going to paint next!

Need some new kicks?  The sneaker customization kit is only $45– more affordable than any designer brand!

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