Going Organic – Baguette Bread Recipe

Going Organic - Baguette 2

Going organic baguette bread recipe is my first attempt at bread making. Being hobbled with illness and disability is a struggle many understand. Regaining the sense of well-being requires patience, optimism, faith, and strong-will.

Going Organic - Baguette

Patience is knowing your body and mind can overcome pain. Optimism and faith protect against disappointment and repeat setbacks. Strong-will is the determination to replace the diagnosis with the coda “To Be Continued.” A story from elementary school, The Little Engine That Could, contains an oft-repeated phrase, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can,” is an inspirational maxim.

For me, every physical act was an achievement over a body afflicted with agonizing pain. Cooking a meal was unstructured… For the rest of my story and recipe, click here