Vote 🗳 As If Your Life Depends On It

Because it does Vote 🗳 for Diversity, Women, Men, and Men who support Women. Vote 🗳 for environmental protection and universal healthcare. Vote 🗳 to bring back sanity to our government. So many died for our right to Vote 🗳 Vote 🗳 in honor of those who can't.

Blogger Recognition Award

Peace and Salaam Everyone, I started my website-blog several years ago as an outlet for my company, URBAN HIJAB®, an American modest clothing line. It showcases my original fashion designs. Life, as we all know, continually happens. And thus,

Indigenous People’s Day

Today we celebrate the Native People of the USA and elsewhere in the Americas. Traditionally, the first Monday of October honors the maiden transatlantic voyage of Christopher Columbus. Although numerous people regard