Indigenous People’s Day

Today we celebrate the Native People of the USA and elsewhere in the Americas. Traditionally, the first Monday of October honors the maiden transatlantic voyage of Christopher Columbus. Although numerous people regard


La Dessalinienne – Haitian National Anthem

Happy Black History Month - Which we celebrate 365 days of the year. Here are the Haitian National Anthem, the African American National Anthem, and the Struggle Continues.

Muslimah Savors Pico de Gallo Quiche

Muslimah Savors Pico de Gallo Quiche 2

Pico de Gallo Quiche is an apt metaphor for a Muslimah. She is colorful like the salad and just as fresh. Crunchy, sour, as sweet as any of the ingredients, and she kicks like a chili pepper. Taken together and in the right proportions, she is enlivening.